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Pipeline Services
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Our Services

Quality service delivery is key at Topline. This is why we utilize the best technology and manpower to ensure that we render state of the art services and deliver timely on projects.

Pipeline Construction | Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) | Intelligent Pigging | Pipeline Descaling and Cleaning | Hydroservices | Pipeline Hot Tap | Corrosion Monitoring | Valve Servicing | Cathodic Protection | Glass Reinforced Epoxy Pipe Services | Sandblasting & Painting.

Pipeline Construction

We apply the highest standards of safety and quality and we strive to deploy the latest technology and techniques in pipeline construction.

We are committed to helping our clients transport their fluids from one point to another.

Pipeline Hottap

Topline utilizes the latest technology, the TM1200xl with power pack/hydraulic, T101 to execute hot tap services.

This service allows for maintenance of operational pipelines. With the hot tap technology, a pipeline or storage tank can be in operation whilst we carry out maintenance or make modifications to them.

Pipeline Descaling & Cleaning

Pipeline descaling is the removal of hard calcium and wax deposits in pipelines. This is done to restore the original flow rate in the line; to allow inspection tools to assess the pipeline integrity and reduce the overall operating costs.

At Topline, we use special scrappers able to pulverize the hard calcium deposits without disrupting the fluid flow.

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

LRUT is the latest technology in pipeline integrity inspections because of its versatility, real time data accuracy and cost effectiveness over long distances. It is now being readily embraced by pipeline companies everywhere.

In Topline, we have trained and certified engineers to meet every facility inspection need using this ground breaking technology.

Intelligent Pigging

At Topline, we offer a complete range of services for high resolution and quality defect identification using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Ultrasonic Technology.

We partner with world leaders in pig technology to supply and run intelligent pigging tools for pipeline verification. We retrieve, analyze and report on the pipeline data and provide procedures for repair works where required.


Topline maintains a fleet of High Pressure Triplex Pumps and High Volume Centrifugal Pumps for various field services. We parade some of the best trained pumping engineers and technicians with several years of experience in various pumping services.

We offer a range of Pumping Services including: Pipeline Flooding, Pipeline Pressure Testing,Chemical Injection, Well Testing, Well Stimulation Services, Flow Augmentation, Pipeline Gauging and much more.

Process Services: Nitrogen Purging | Helium Leak Testing | System Cool Downs | Chemical Cleaning | Bolt Tensioning & Torqueing | Lube-Oil Flushing | Retro Jetting | High-Velocity Flushing

Nitrogen Purging

Bolt Tensioning & Torqueing

Lube-Oil Flushing